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Why Choose Climate Works?

We Use The Most Powerful & Advanced Duct Cleaning Equipment Available on the Market.

Climate Works is one of the few National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified duct cleaning companies in Toronto and the GTA. Hiring a NADCA certified company to perform your duct cleaning is a sure way to avoid a scam. We are trusted to perform air duct cleanings by businesses, hospitals, the Government of Canada, and homeowners across the nation.

We spend an average of 90% of our time inside, and indoor air contains many substances that may be hazardous to our health. The need for clean air indoors cannot be underestimated and Climate Works will help you find the solution for your home, apartment, office, or building, no matter the size.

Why Choose Climate Works?

One of our Core Values at Climate Works is to provide each one of our unique clients with an exceptional level of customer service that is simply unmatched by others in our industry. Our team of experienced duct cleaning technician do not take shortcuts and always take the time required to do the job right. We also make sure to leave every home cleaner than when we first arrived. Those are a few of the many reasons why Homeowners love Climate Works.

Climate Works is the one of the top most professional and reputable NADCA Certified Air Duct Cleaning Companies in Ontario. We have been trusted to perform air duct cleanings in hospitals, government buildings, and homes across the GTA and the National Capital Region.

Our Team and Equipment

Our expert team and state of the art equipment (including top-of-the-line portable abatement systems and vacuum trucks) are few of the many reasons why we are the industry leaders. Our equipment is the most powerful and advanced air duct cleaning available in the industry. We always abide by the NADCA Duct Cleaning Processes and )rotocols, ensuring a thorough cleaning of your HVAC system in all applications.

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More About Air Duct Cleanings

NADCA Certified Air Duct Cleaning

When your furnace or air handler is on, forced air is passed through all the ductwork in your home. Over time particles and dust inevitably build up in ductwork. If you notice more dust than usual around your home, it is a good idea to have your duct cleaned as dust and dander can cause serious problems for anyone who has breathing issues in the home.

If you believe mould is present in your ducts, then getting your ducts cleaned is imporant. Mould spores can spread quickly throughout your ductwork and the rest of your home when the furnace or air conditioner is on. If you believe vermin are present in your air ducts, having the ducts cleaned will eliminate that problem as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that air ducts be cleaned as needed – every few years at least. Since it takes time for dust and particles to accumulate in your air ducts, we recommend an air duct cleaning every five to seven years.

If you’re unsure you need an air duct cleaning, we offer inspections to check if you need to have your ducts cleaned.

Our powerful duct cleaning equipment cleans dust, debris, and moisture from the entire air duct conveyance system in your home, leaving nothing but clean air so you can breathe easy.

We pay special attention to vents located neat your entrances to your home, and in bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Microbial contaminants such as bread molds, mildews, and soil fungi, which can be invisible to the naked eye, can also be removed during duct cleaning when utilizing our professional sanitizing equipment and procedures.

Read About Our Duct Cleaning Process Below or CONTACT US To Learn More.

Our 9 Step Process

Climate Works uses a 9 Step Process to ensure your ducts are clean, you are satisfied with the service, and your home is healthy.

1.Introductions & Setup: Meet your expert technician and let know of any issues with your HVAC system, or areas where they should be ESPECIALLY careful. Depending on the type of home you live in, we will either use our HyperVac Truck-Mounted Vacuum System or bring in a Portable Abatement Unit. The duct cleaning technician will then run an 8″ vacuum hose from the truck (or portable unit) to the ductwork in your furnace room. The technician will then cover all of the vents in your home to produce the maximum amount of suction when it comes time to clean each supply vent. The covers ensure dust stays out of the interior of your home while we clean the system.  

2. Turn on the Vacuum: Your technician will then cut a hole in the ductwork (Don’t worry! We will repair it!), take before pictures (with only your permission), then they will secure the vacuum hose the main supply duct. A high-pressure airline is run to a supply vent on the upper-level of your home. The technician will then power on the truck-mounted vacuum and compressor. Operating the equipment is loud at times, but don’t worry! It is outside, and you will barely even hear it. 

3. Push Dirt from Supply Vents to the Main Supply Duct: The duct cleaning technician will travel to each of your supply vents with a tool we call a “push-whip.” A push-whip consists of several open-ended rubber tubes and is attached to the end of a high-pressure airline. The whip is inserted into a vent. When the technician opens the airline valve, air rushes out of each of the multiple open-ended rubber tubes, whipping them around your ductwork. This action loosens up any existing dust, dirt, and mould spores, and forces them into the main-supply vent.Book An Air Duct Cleaning Now

4. Clean the Main Supply Duct: After all the supply vents are clean, the technician will proceed back to your furnace room. He will switch from a push-whip to a pull-whip. A pull-whip is much the same as a push-whip except the rubber tubes are pointing rearwards, allowing for the technician to pull dirt back towards the vacuum hose connection. All the dust from your ductwork is sucked through the vacuum hose and into a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum bag.

The technician then detaches the hose from the main air supply duct and takes pictures of the interior of the ductwork to ensure visual cleanliness.

5. Clean the Air Return Vents: The technician will cut another small hole in your main return duct and take before pictures of the duct’s interior. The vacuum hose is then connected to the main return duct. The same process, as described in Step 3, is repeated, but on the air returns. Commonly, return air runs are open spaces located in-between studs in your wall. If you hear a strange sound coming from inside your wall, don’t be alarmed! The noise is just the whip doing its job.

6. Clean the Main Return: The same process using the pull-whip as described in Step 4 is performed but within the main return duct. The technician then detaches the hose from the main supply duct and takes pictures of the interior of the ductwork to ensure visual cleanliness.

7. Air Handler and Coil Cleaning: Now that your duct work is thoroughly inspected and visually clean, the technician will open your furnace door. The technician will inspect your filter, and vacuum out any remaining debris within your air handler unit or sitting atop your coil.

8. System Sanitization: The technician will then go back to each supply and return vent in your home and proceed to sanitize your ductwork. He will then sanitize both the main supply air and return air ducts. 

Our system sanitization process removes any bacteria, mould spores, and or unwanted odours that may have been present in your ductwork.

**At Climate Works, we only use an all-natural sanitizer called Benefect Disinfectant. We use this very product to sanitize ductwork that leads to surgical rooms in hospitals. It is 100% safe, trusted and effective.**

9. Clean-Up and Goodbyes: The technician will repair any holes that were cut in your ductwork and seal the patches airtight. All equipment is returned to our truck. The technician will then perform a walk-through to ensure no tools, material or mess were left behind. You will then be shown the before, and after photos of your ductwork, so you know for sure the job was done right.  

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