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Baeumler Approved
Baeumler Approved

“As consumers, we all too often take service for granted. I want to praise Climate Works for being a different kind of HVAC advisor. I had a problem on my hands for which I was about to spend hundreds of dollars. Climate Works could have sold me a system like most companies would have done but instead, they listened to my situation, came to my house, observed and gave me a $50 solution. When is the last time that happened to you? Thank you. Finally an HVAC company I can depend on.”

Martin Roy ~ Ottawa, ON

Financing Available

SNAP is the fast, flexible, easy way to pay for your heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs without having to wait. It’s the consumer-friendly financial program endorsed by your local dealer. Why go to the bank when you have a one-stop-shop here.

Service & Maintenance

Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.

Our Company

Climate Works Heating and Cooling has many years of experience with various commercial clients in the National Capital Area. Our employees’ have numerous levels of security clearance, while Climate Works is fully bonded and insured, TSSA and WSIB certified.

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