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You never see it, you probably forget that it is there, but duct work serves a very important purpose in your home. It is the duct work that transports the warm and cool air, helping to bring in climate control to your home. Without duct work, there would be no way to transport any sort of air, warm or cool, to you.

The problem is that your duct work can be one of the most difficult things to deal with. It is usually buried in the basement and not easy to access. If your duct work is the wrong size for your new furnace, missing pieces so that air is escaping, or become so dilapidated that they barely function, you are going to need to replace it and you may need to consider some custom duct work.

Proper ducts in your home can increase the efficiency of your entire climate control system. For example, you can have the biggest, toughest furnace of any house in the neighbourhood, but if you have ducts that are tiny, you are going to have a lot of inefficiency. Think about how easy it is to blow air through a large and open straw, and how difficult it is to blow air through a straw that is small and very narrow. You have to work harder just to get the air out, and for the furnace or central air unit, that harder work is costing you more money in terms of your energy bill.

Custom duct work can ensure your ducts are the right size for your central air system. This will increase the efficiency of your entire unit, and that will save you money. Custom duct work can take the most economical route to get air to you, and it is not going to cost you a lot of money when you go through the right company.

Many new furnaces require a different size duct than has been used in the past. If you look at old homes, they have huge vents because of how hard the furnace had to work to get warm air throughout the house. That is not the case anymore. Now vents can be much smaller and even hard to notice, but custom duct work is needed to make that system work.

Speaking of systems, if you are thinking of using a zoning system in your home that will help keep a constant temperature throughout the home, you need custom ductwork to make it work. Ducts need to close automatically when the temperature reaches a certain level, anti-static devices need to be put into place and more. Sometimes, the ducts even need to be widen, to allow for these devices. If that is the case, you will need to get custom duct work done for your home.

Thankfully, with the right company, you are not going to pay a lot of money for custom duct work and you will be able to enjoy the new efficiency of your central air system without hurting your wallet.

Hot spots? Cold workers?

Climate Works will accommodate all of your residential ventilation and duct needs, no matter the size. With properly designed and sized systems, there will be no call backs for hot and cold spots in your home.

A proper ventilation system is the key in controlling the air quality in your home. We are your experts.

Our sheet metal workers are trained and certified to design and build what you need and require.

As part of our commitment to a greener future, Climate Works ensures that all extra metal is recycled with qualified methods, thereby reducing the waste that ends up in our landfills.


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