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Why Choose Climate Works?

Climate Works is one of the few National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified duct cleaning companies in the Ottawa National Capital Region. Hiring a NADCA certified business to perform an air duct cleaning is a sure way to avoid a scam. We are trusted to perform air duct cleanings in hospitals and homes across the nation.

Our Process

About Air Duct Cleanings

We clean dust, debris, and moisture from the entire air duct conveyance system in your home, leaving nothing but clean air so you can breathe easy.

In addition, even microbial contaminants such as bread molds, mildews, and soil fungi, which can be invisible to the naked eye, can also be removed during duct cleaning when utilizing our professional sanitizing equipment and procedures.

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While the air ducts carry that warm and cool air to us, helping us stay comfortable no matter the season, they also carry particles, dust and other things that can be harmful to our health. A time when you really want to have the air ducts cleaned is following renovations.

Dust and dander can cause serious problems for anyone who has breathing issues in the home. Every time the furnace comes on, it will be blowing dust and dander through the air, aggravating the lungs of anyone who has asthma or allergies, for example.

If you believe you have mold in your ducts, then you absolutely want to get them cleaned. You don’t want mold spores floating around your home while the furnace or air conditioner is on. If you believe vermin to be present in your air ducts, having the ducts cleaned can eliminate that problem as well.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that air ducts be cleaned as needed – every few years at least. Since it takes time for dust and particles to accumulate in your air ducts, we recommend an air duct cleaning every five to seven years.

If you’re unsure you need an air duct cleaning, we recommend an inspection to check if you need to have your ducts cleaned.