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Are you breathing clean air at home?

Duct cleaning has evolved in response to the increasing concerns over indoor air pollution. We spend an average of 90% of our time inside; and the air indoors contains many substances that may be hazardous to our health.

The goal of duct cleaning is to remove visible contaminants such as dust, debris and moisture from the entire air conveyance system so that the air passes over clean surfaces.

Microbial contaminants such as bread molds, mildews and soil fungi, which can be invisible to the naked eye, can also be removed from the HVAC system with the proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

The benefits of duct cleaning include lessening the chances of indoor air pollution, health and comfort complaints and it may decrease energy costs by allowing mechanical components to operate more efficiently and last longer.

The cleaning process typically involves connecting a large HEPA-filtered vacuum to the air conveyance system, or a portion of the system, to create a negative pressure so no contaminants are allowed to escape into the occupied space. Remote controlled robotic equipment can be driven through the duct work and used to inspect, cleaning, spraying and sampling operations. Once all particulate is removed from the system the system is then sanitized with an anti-bacterial solution.

Climate Works is one of the few National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified duct cleaning companies in the Natiduct-cleaning-before-afteronal Capital Area.
It’s the industry minimum standards certification that is required when working in buildings where air quality is of the utmost importance such as hospitals, health care facilities, as well as educational and government buildings.

Why Clean Air Ducts

The air ducts leading from your central heating/air system carry that wonderful cool air in the summer, and the beautiful warm air in the winter, throughout your home. Without those air ducts, our homes would be a lot less comfortable.

While the air ducts carry that warm and cool air to us, helping us stay comfortable no matter the season, they also carry particles, dust and other things that can be harmful to our health.

This is why the cleaning of air ducts is so important.

Research has shown that the cleaning of air ducts helps improve the efficiency of the system, which in turn gives your furnace or central air unit a longer life, while saving you money on your energy bill. With less debris clogging up your air ducts, the air can pass through freely and the system doesn’t have to work as hard to get that air to you.

A time when you really want to have the air ducts cleaned is following renovations. When there are renovations, dust, dirt and more gets into the air and into the ducts. You may also want to have your ducts cleaned if you move into a home that had a lot of pets or smokers in it.

Those particles, especially dust and dander, can cause serious problems for anyone who has breathing issues in the home. Every time the furnace comes on, it will be blowing dust and dander through the air, aggravating the lungs of anyone who has asthma or allergies, for example.

If you believe you have mold in your ducts, then you absolutely want to get them cleaned. You don’t want mold spores floating around your home while the furnace or air conditioner is on.

If you believe vermin to be present in your air ducts, having the ducts cleaned can eliminate that problem as well.

There are a multitude of reasons you should get your air ducts cleaned, not the least of which is peace of mind. Knowing that there is clean air flowing through your house makes you feel safe in your home.

How Often Should You Clean The Air Ducts?

Now that you know why you should have ducts cleaned, how often should you get it done?

Since it can take time for dust to accumulate in air ducts, some estimates say that every five to seven years is good.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that air ducts be cleaned as needed, every few years at least.

Generally, you should have inspections done on a yearly or semi-yearly basis and when the inspection is done, have the professional check to see if you need to get the ducts cleaned.

Of course, if you are worried about air quality at all, maybe because you’ve had a renovation done or have a new baby in the house, you can have the ducts cleaned any time you wish. To schedule a free, no obligation quote or to book an appointment for air duct cleaning, contact us at (613) 838-9989.

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