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Ductless heat pumps Ottawa - How they workDuctless Systems for your Home

No ductwork? No problem.

Incredibly quiet, sleek and energy-efficient, ductless split systems are the smart way to cool rooms without ductwork—even those without windows or exterior walls.

Each indoor unit is individually controlled for room-by-room comfort. They mount on any interior wall, including ones without windows.

If you have one or more rooms without exterior walls or windows, a wall-mounted ductless split system will work beautifully. The indoor air handler is sleek, unobtrusive and quiet. You need only a 2” clearance from the ceiling, so you’ll have lots of placement options.

All systems come with a remote control, so even units high on the wall are easy to operate. There’s also an optional wired, wall-mounted controller for models over 18000 Btu.

Choose from single-zone cooling models, single-zone heat pumps that cool and heat, and multi-zone heat pumps that individually cool and heat multiple rooms. All these ductless split models exceed federal energy-efficiency standards, and several models have super-high SEER ratings from 16.5 to 22.0.

The term ‘ductless’ simply means no ductwork involved. Mr. Slim systems have two basic components:

  • Indoor air handling unit
  • Slim-line outdoor condenser unit

These units are easily connected by refrigerant lines running through a small 10cm opening in the wall or ceiling. The outdoor unit cycles the refrigerant through the lines to and from the indoor unit, where the air is conditioned and then distributed into the open space.

Depending on the series, indoor units come in a variety of styles and can be installed in compact tight spaces on walls or recessed into or suspended from ceilings. Installation is as simple as mounting the indoor and outdoor units, connecting the refrigerant lines, and making a few electrical connections.

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