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Type of Commercial Heating Systems

Working in a cold office or warehouse is never fun. To keep employees happy, and productive, you need climate controlled environments. In order to have that, you need a good commercial heating system, which can provide enough heat to the whole office, without shutting down from overuse. Commercial heating systems are generally larger, stronger and often more efficient than home units. If you are thinking of getting a commercial heating system, there are many to choose from.

  • Solar and Geothermal: These systems cost more, and that is one reason why they are found more in commercial buildings than homes. For an HVAC system that runs on solar or geothermal power are better for the environment, are more efficient, but they do cost more. However, over an extended period of time, they are more cost efficient than more traditional options. Due to the high installation cost, only larger businesses choose to have these installed.
  • Oil and Gas Steam Systems: This system is not the most efficient but it is one of the most widely used systems, and one of the oldest systems in use today. The oil and gas is used to boil and condense pass steam through pipes. This is one of the least-efficient ways to heat because it takes longer to heat areas and circulate the heat due to the delay in the boiler starting and the heat finally beginning to circulate. This system will work for you, but be prepared for high energy costs.
  • Heat Pump: A heat pump is a very efficient method to heat a building. It is similar to how a refrigerator works, extracting heat from cold air, through the warming of coils and pumping the heat through the commercial property. These systems do not require any sort of gas or oil to function, helping to make them more efficient as a result to heat a business.
  • Gas and Oil Water Systems: Similar to the steam option, the water heating method uses a boiler to heat water, which is then passed through the building via radiators that are positioned in various rooms. These are not the best in terms of efficiency, but they are more efficient than the steam option. One reason that the system is not as efficient is because the air in the system has to be cleared each time the heat is engaged, which causes delays in the heating.
  • Furnace: A simple HVAC furnace is an efficient way to heat a business. It is one of the most common ways to heat a business but it does require a large furnace to be able to handle the needs of the employees and their heating requirements. In addition, you need to have a duct system in place to handle the movement of the warm air. Nonetheless, this is an excellent option if you are looking to heat a business.

There are many options for heating a commercial space, and it all comes down to what you want to spend.

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