A two-stage furnace differs in a variety of ways from a single-stage furnace. Unlike a conventional single-stage furnace, a two-stage furnace has both a full-speed and a half-speed. This is a big deal.

A two-stage furnace running at half-speed does not mean the furnace runs at exactly 50% of its maximum output, but closer to a 60% speed – a nice consistent air output. Benefits of a two-stage furnace, unlike a single-stage, is that it pumps out hot air quieter and at a more efficient rate, helping you save some money on your utility bills. A two-stage furnace runs at a half-speed about 90% of the time. This means the air coming out of registers in your bedroom, or in your living room beside your TV, is not the hottest air that the furnace is capable of producing.

The largest benefit of a two-stage furnace is that it helps keep a consistent temperature in the house. You rarely hear a two-stage furnace turn on because it’s running at half speed and you don’t feel overly hot air coming out of your vents. A two-stage furnace circulates clean air at the temperature of your liking continuously throughout your home! Now that’s home comfort!

Owning a two-stage furnace will take your level of indoor comfort to the next stage! Interested in upgrading to a two-stage furnace? Then call Climate Works today.