A two-stage furnace differs a little bit from the single-stage furnace in that it has two stages. It has a full-speed much like a single-stage furnace has but it also has. a half speed.

When I say half speed is not exactly a 50% speed is more like a 60% speed, it’s a nice, even, low speed. And the benefit of that is that the two-stage furnace, unlike a single-stage, is pumping out hot air quieter and while you some money on your utility bills.

A two-stage furnace has the ability to run at a lower speed most of the time, about 90% of the time. So the air coming out of field registers in your bedroom, or in your living room beside your TV, is not the hottest air.

The biggest benefit of a two-stage furnace is that it keeps a very even temperature in the house. You rarely hear it come on, because it’s running at half speed, and you don’t fill hot air coming out of the heat registers you feel the warm air. So two-stage furnace is in fact do improve our comfort level. A two-stage furnace is a really good choice if you’re looking for that little bit extra comfort level.