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In an industrial area, the fume hood is an integral part of the machine works. Without this device, industrial workspaces could become very hazardous, and dangerous to the workers on hand. A fume hood is a large piece of equipment that encloses five sides of a work area, ensuring that all harmful fumes are transported away from workers and elsewhere where they can be dealt with.

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Fume Hood Decontamination

Like anything though, as time goes on, more and more buildup can occur and eventually you will find that the fume hood is not doing its job as well, and could be doing more harm than good for you. This is where fume hood decontamination comes in.

What is Fume Hood Decontamination?

Fume hood decontamination essentially takes the harmful buildup of chemicals in your fume and cleans it out so that workers can continue to work there without it being dangerous for them. Fume hood decontamination is something that can be dangerous due to the potential airborne dangers that are lurking in the space or the fume hood. Things like perchloric acid vapors that can be very hazardous to workers if not taken care of through decontamination.

Why Do Fume Hood Decontamination?

Essentially, you need to do it because there are codes that have to be followed when dealing with any industrial area and hazardous materials. Your worker’s health is extremely important and you need to do what you can to ensure they stay healthy. If fume hoods are not cleaned, they will collect more and more chemical residue and that is going to cause problems not only for your workers, but the equipment itself and the environment as well. A good fume hood decontamination is an important part of maintaining a safe industrial area.

You should actually have fume hoods serviced and decontaminated at least once per year, at a minimum. This ensures that the hood can exhaust the chemical residues properly, and you will protect the health of your workers. If the fume hood is used heavily, you may need to look at fume hood decontamination at least once every three to six months depending.

Who Needs Fume Hood Decontamination?

If you have an industrial area that uses chemicals heavily, you need to have this done. Any workspace that uses harsh chemicals is going to have a system to get rid of those chemicals, often through a fume hood. If that is the case, then you are eventually going to need to get it decontaminated. Think of it like your car. If you don’t change the oil, and you just let it run constantly through the engine for years, residue is going to collect and your car will eventually start to perform poorly. The same is true for the fume hood. If you don’t service it, it can’t do its job and that is going to cost you time and money.

Benefits of Fume Hood Decontamination

There are several benefits to fume hood decontamination but the biggest is you are protecting the health of your workers. They are your assets and their safety is in your hands. Decontaminate the fume hood to maintain that safety.

Climate Works is able to provide chemical fume hood decontamination in your laboratory, industrial, or commercial space. We are experienced in chemical decontamination and disinfection methods of ductwork and systems, as well as fume hood cleaning including; general or bench top, distillation, ductless, and perchloric acid fume hoods, etc.

Climate Works will work closely with you to identify and remediate any potential airborne dangers lurking in your space and/or fume hood. Perchloric acid vapors are a potential hazard to those working nearby and fume hoods should therefore be serviced on an annual basis, at a minimum, in order to ensure that they are exhausting properly.

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