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NTI Trinity Ti Boilers OttawaNTI Trinity Ti Boiler = Great Savings!

  • The superb efficiencies and state-of-the-art combustion systems of the TRINITY mean little heat is wasted, less natural gas or propane is used, and homeowners save money.

Lots of Hot Water

  • The TRINITY’S high-capacity heat exchanger provides ample hot water for every household need, at very low cost.

Years of Dependability

  • NTI customers know… our boilers are built to last a lifetime! With an advanced ignition system, and a top-quality heat exchanger, the TRINITY represents the highest standard in top-quality boilers.
  • Environmental… The TRINITY meets or exceeds North American energy and emissions regulations. We’re doing our part to protect the environment for the future.


  1. Available in both Natural Gas and Propane versions with a modulation system that eliminates additional models
  2. State-of-the-art sealed modulation combustion system with hot surface ignition.
  3. Patented 316L stainless condensing heat exchanger provides ultimate efficiencies
  4. All connections are conveniently located for ease of installation.
  5. Wall mount configuration saves valuable floor space
  6. Vents easily with conventional ABS, PVC or CPVC plastic piping
  7. The TRINITY has industry-leading modulation rates, which significantly increases comfort while reducing cycling and fuel consumption
  8. The distinctive casing design reduces costly standby losses, while virtually eliminating combustion noises
  9. High-capacity plate heat exchanger on combination models provides ample domestic hot water
  10. The TRINITY is certified, designed and rated to strict CSA, AGA, ASME and CSAus codes
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