Lennox Air Handlers

Using innovative variable speed technology, the Lennox CBX40UHV Air Handler provides a continuous flow of air, which helps reduce drafts, sound levels and energy costs. A built-in filtration system gives you the advantage of powerful allergen control.

The CBX32MV Air Handler has a strong handle on performance. A variable speed motor precisely controls airflow, which helps maximize efficiency and reduce sounds. During hot weather, continuous air circulation helps lower humidity levels.

Designed to work in combination with a boiler, the Lennox CBWMV Air Handler uses available hot water to deliver a consistent flow of warm air. A variable speed motor enhances comfort, while minimizing energy costs and sound levels.

The Lennox CBX27UH  Air Handler puts you comfortably at ease, day after day and season after season. Advanced Lennox® engineering combines with high-quality components to allow efficient circulation of air, which helps enhance comfort and lower utility bills.

A direct-drive blower makes the Lennox CBX32M  Air Handler quieter and more efficient than standard air handlers. It runs smoothly at higher speeds for an enhanced level of comfort, with minimum operating sounds and energy waste.

The Lennox CBX25  Air Handler is designed to provide reliable, efficient cooling and heating performance at a budget-friendly price. A direct-drive blower motor delivers a consistent flow of air, to keep every room feeling just right. A fully insulated cabinet helps contain sound.

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