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Commercial HVAC Solutions

There is much more to HVAC in a commercial building than in a home. There equipment needed in a commercial building is larger, more complex and stronger.

If you have a small building, no bigger than a house, than a commercial heating solution of a furnace works, because there are only a few rooms to heat. However, if you are going to be in a building of four stories, with 30 offices, then you need a commercial HVAC system to make sure the job is done right and the inhabitants are comfortable. You can tell if your HVAC system is flawed if you find hotspots and coldspots. A proper modern HVAC system will provide clean and comfortable air to all areas of your commercial building.


The common area where employees eat will have to be a certain temperature that everyone finds comfortable, but everyone will want their office at a different temperature. In addition, rooms with a lot of computers need to be kept cool, with no heat coming in. This creates a lot of work for the heating system, and it is why commercial heating services differ from the systems used in homes.

When thinking of commercial HVAC services, here are some important things to consideration:
  • How many offices and rooms need to be heated in order to make life comfortable for everyone?
  • Does each office have its’ own temperature gauge which can be adjusted so that individuals can have a cooler temperature in their office when compared with other offices?
  • What is the total square footage of surface area that is going to need to be heated by the heating system?
  • Is providing heat in a powerful manner more important than providing efficient heat?
  • Are there any warehouses that need to be heated? This is an important question because it can take as much as 10 times as long to heat up a warehouse as it does to heat up one office. If you have several large warehouses, then it is going to take a big system to heat all of that in a manner that doesn’t leave the system on constantly.

Once you know the answers to this, you can look at commercial heating services. There are many types, but generally you are going to be using a variation of the HVAC system, which will provide you with heating in the winter, and cool air in the summer. HVAC systems are used throughout the Western World, providing efficient heat to businesses from a small warehouse to a 50-storey skyscraper. Regardless of what you need heated, an HVAC system can do it for you.

Our staff can help you with your commercial heating services questions. We can look at your needs and recommend the right heating system for you that will provide you with the heat that is needed during the winter, while at the same time making sure the system is efficient so that you can save money on your energy bill.

There is a system out there for you, and we can help you find it. Climate Works Heating and Cooling installs, services, and maintains all types of commercial heating equipment.

We are TSSA certified and our qualified technicians specialize in gas, oil, propane, and electric equipment.